Finally a decent site... I hope.

written on March 11, 2014 01:01 in Brasília Time.

Well, finally, i made myself a "decent" site. At least it doesn't look like something a toddler designed in 1999. I don't have stupid tables anymore, now i learned to work with divs and CSS. Oh, the joys of typing out code (and always keeping a w3schools window open).

Anyway, this is the place i'm going to post nice stuff. My old site was stupid, with a map, a link to my YouTube page and TFC gamelog. When the hell did i think copying the TFC console's whole content after a match would be interesting??? Ugh... Well, ranting aside, allow me to explain how this works.

This site is basic. But not HTML 0.0666 basic like the other one. This site won't contain jQuery or 1000 JavaScript-driven useless modules. This is going to be pure HTML. I'll use HTML5 for videos and audio, even though the editor i use isn't HTML5 ready. Get ready for OGG goodness. For now, this is it. I'll put stuff when i feel creative (something that rarely happens. For now, i gotta write descriptions for each page and translate them into Portuguese. Bye for now!